Rustic Communal Table

Rustic Communal Table

When I first came across this new Rustic Communal Dining Table my thoughts were wide open with all the decorative styles we could dress this table up with.

I instantly saw rugs, ceiling lighting, dining chairs & benches, tableware and table linens, etc. enhancing the alluring charm of this table!

The adaptability and functionality this table offers is close to endless. 

Here I go with the decor styles it would certainly enhance....Farmhouse, rustic, western, country, boho, chic, Tuscan, coastal and a blend of several of those combined!

Do a mixture of side chairs on one side and benches on the other. Mix it up with color and textures with upholstery materials such as fabrics, cowhides, leathers or just color wood frames on your furniture pieces.

I love our Prairie Pine Side Chairs because they have iron rods on the seat back that would bring out the iron under the table tying it together. Theses chairs are available in 15 different colors. So, pair those chairs with an area rug with a hint of that color in it.

furniture color choises

We offer large 11’ x 13’ area rugs that will accommodate this table when it is at its over-all extended length of 11 feet!  This is really a perfect communal table for all your large gatherings!

A chandelier or hanging ceiling light with a touch of wrought iron would also tie the space together.

Depending on that look you are going for, we have several sideboards, servers and buffets to add to your space for better functionality. Many of these can also be finished in one of those 15 colors mentioned earlier.

As for tableware and table linens, well the sky is just about the limit. Many of our table linens are neutral and will tie in wonderfully with all the decor styles I mentioned. Table linens made it easy to change your look on a whim!

Dinnerware, flatware and glassware will be the main focal point of a table setting (other than centerpieces) so these may take a bit more consideration when deciding the style, you are going with.  If it is too hard to settle on just one, try more neutral tableware that you can “decorate around” with another table decor to get the look you are after.

If in doubt, or you cannot find the look you are after or a certain piece of furniture or decor, contact us! I will personally take the shopping part off your hands and send you ideas, samples, suggestions and such, to help you round out your decorating journey!

Thanks for reading. Until next time,

Stay safe ~ Randee

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  • Pam LeRoy

    I love those table legs! Thanks for sharing.

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