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Hammered Copper Beverage Basin


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Too many uses to list for our Hammered Copper Beverage Basin. 

As well as drink and wine chillers, these basins are incredibly durable and functional pieces that work in any environment.

These pots also serve high quality specialty cooking functions such as preparing jams, polenta, carnitas, chocolates as well as attractive presentation pieces.

They feature heavy gauged hammered copper and satin polished stainless steel handles for decades of durability.

Copper barware, cookware and serving pieces have practically become a status symbol. But it’s not just about impressing your friends and patrons. Copper offers the best in performance.  Copper is used to make a product both functional and aesthetic. Our products are made to be heavily used and to give you a lifetime of beautiful service.

Use this basin for chilling wine and beer, bobbing for apples, bathing babies, your imagination is the limit!

Hammered Copper Beverage Basin:

  • Available in 15.5" diameter 7" deep, 10" footprint and 20" diameter 9" deep, 13" footprint.
  • Heavy rolled edges.
  • Available in Polished Finish (shiny) and Peacock Patina (no finish). Our no-polish finish brings out all the warmth, glow and color inherent in copper with no polish required.
  • Made of 100% recycled heave gauge (2mm) copper.
  • Hand hammered, hand crafted, seamless basin.
  • For home and professional use.
  • Naturally Antimicrobial – Copper is antibacterial and antimicrobial, making it ideal for utensils, drink-ware, serve-ware and cookware.
  • Usually ships in 2-3 business days.
  • Ships from Texas, USA.
  • No sales tax.
  • Payment options are available. 

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Copper Care:

Hand-wash and immediately dry your copper items after use to prevent spotting! When not dried immediately, spotting can occur due to the trace amounts of chemicals in your tap water that can cause a reaction with the copper. Some people don't mind this spotting; they will actually let it build up over time into a matte patina finish that many folks find appealing. If you prefer the original bright shine from when you first got your hand hammered products, don't worry! You can easily return them to that original condition with a quick polish. Add matching pieces from our Copper Kitchen Collection to complete your chefs’ kitchen! We guarantee the quality of everything we make. If there is ever any issue with your order, do not hesitate to contact us. This is a small, owner-operated business and we will personally address your concerns in a timely and reasonable fashion.

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