R McKague Enterprises Inc
Pilot Rock, OR

R McKague Enterprises, dba Your Western Decor and The Coastal Compass Home Decor was founded in 2009 by owner Randee McKague.

At the time, Randee owned a waste management company in which she managed herself. Not the most intriguing of industries, she set out to create a company that she greatly enjoyed managing. That is how Your Western Decor was born.

In 2016 Randee and her husband Tony decided it was time to sell the waste management company and in May of 2016 that happened! This gave Randee time to fully concentrate on managing and growing Your Western Decor.

Your Western Decor was the first dba under R McKague Enterprises and in 2020 The Coastal Compass Home Decor was born. Then, to promote our Made in Oregon collection, in February 2024 we created Blue Mountain Brands Home Decor. 

Randee is still all hands-on fully managing Your Western Decor alongside her daughter Hayden, who is the Interior Designer amongst the two of them. This gives them the opportunity to help their clients not only in designing their custom furnishing but also being able to assist them fully with interior design on a small to large scale basis.

Hayden also fully manages The Coastal Compass Home Decor, The Boho House Home Decor businesses as well as her design business, Timeless Interiors – Remodel+Build+Design.

With over 80 manufacturers and vendors nearly in every state throughout the USA, between Randee and Hayden their reach is far and wide for assisting clients find, build, design or customize anything that their home, office or commercial establishment may be seeking.

We are looking forward to what the upcoming years will bring and the opportunities we will discover.

We are so happy to have you hear and we hope we can help you create your dream space!