American Bison Framed Canvas Art

SKU: A1 52MW0163

Our American Bison Framed Canvas Art is an exquisite combination of rustic western and modern style. The high-quality canvas, sleek black frame, and matt brushed gel finish create an eye-catching image that exudes strength and majesty. An elegant piece to bring grandeur to any space.

Elevate any space with the timeless elegance of this American Bison framed canvas art. Printed on high quality canvas with a textured matt brushed gel finish, this one-of-a-kind artwork is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and refinement to your living area. Beauty and quality combine to create a timeless piece that's sure to be a conversation starter.

Experience exquisite artistry with this American Bison Art. The striking canvas art is housed in a sleek, black-boxed frame, adding a contemporary touch to any home or office. Its mesmerizing details of nature will bring to life your walls and inject elegant beauty to your space.

American Bison Framed Canvas Art:

  • Art piece measures 60"W x 40"H x 2"D.
  • Canvas print. 
  • Complete with wood frame and ready to hang. 
  • Art is made to order. Ships out in approximately 2 weeks. 
  • No sales tax.
  • Payment options are available. 

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