Antigua Handwoven Wool Blanket

SKU: TR8002
Take a journey through time and craftsmanship with the Antigua Handwoven Wool Throw Blanket, inspired by the vibrant tapestry and rich artistic traditions of the Momostenango regions in Guatemala. It's not just a blanket for warmth, but a piece of culture to embrace. Showcasing intricate Aztec patterns, this throw captures the natural, contrasting shades of the local sheep indigenous to the region.

Individually handwoven over four days by the skilled masters of Momostenango, this unique blanket is a true masterpiece. Made with 100% locally-sourced wool, it is expertly brushed for an incomparable level of softness.

This throw blanket is crafted with pride by a fair-trade collective, showcasing their skill, tradition, and dedication. It stands as a testament to their commitment to quality and community.

Enhance its allure by pairing with selections from our Solola Collection.

Antigua Handwoven Wool Blanket:

  • Throw measures 50" x 60".
  • Hand woven from 100% sheep wool. 
  • Dry cleaning is recommended.
  • Hand woven and handmade in Momostenango, Guatemala.
  • Ships out of Texas in 2-3 business days. 

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