Organic Anti Bacterial Wood Cutting Board

SKU: HR469158

Exuding durability and understated charm, Artisan's Organic Anti Bacterial Natural Wood Cutting Board is a magnificent piece that is among the most sanitary cutting boards on the market today! 

Crafted from a single solid piece of tropical hardwood, this board provides natural antibacterial protection and alluring tight grains with its natural oils.

This beautiful rectangle cutting board with its organic edges, abundant grain, and unique coloration is perfect for serving up an exquisite charcuterie spread!

Showcase this impeccably designed board in your rustic or chic kitchen or use it as a platter to impress at your next gathering.

Organic Anti Bacterial Wood Cutting Board:

  • Board measures 10.63"W x 18.9"D x 1.18"H.
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Made of rare Camphor Laurel Wood. A moderately light hardwood featuring amazing grain. 
  • Made in Australia. 
  • Ships out of Nevada in 2-3 business days. 
  • No sales tax.
  • Payment options are available. 

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