Bar 41 Longhorn Skull Mount


If you're looking for a bit of rustic elegance to decorate your walls, look no further than our Bar 41 Longhorn Skull Mount.

This authentic steer skull features un-polished horns and a succulent arrangement that will make a bold and powerful statement in your space!

Florals and succulents are all very life-like and each arrangement will vary some. 

Each piece is made to order and each skull is unique and may vary in size, color and shape. 

Bar 41 Longhorn Skull Mount Detail:

  • Authentic steer skull.
  • Life-like florals and succulents. 
  • Measures approximately 28" to 36" wide x approximately 20" to 26" tall x 8" to 12" deep.
  • Weight approximately 10 to 12 lbs. 
  • Mount hook attached to back of skull base for easy hanging.
  • Every piece is hand crafted and may vary.
  • Each skull is genuine and horns will very some in size, girth, color and texture. 
  • Arrangements are made to order. 
  • Crafted in the USA.
  • Ships in approximately 4 weeks. 

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**This custom made item is not returnable.