Bison Skull Mounts


Transform your space with the captivating and thought-provoking addition of a Bison Skull Mount. Create an exotic and fascinating atmosphere that will inspire and intrigue.

Our bison skull mounts evoke contemplation of Native American culture, while also satisfying the modern desire for rustic charm and appreciation of the past. 

Enhance your space with authentic Bison Skull Wall Mounts! These mounts are the perfect rustic addition for your home, business, restaurant, shop or man-cave.

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Bison Skull Mounts:

  • Bison Skull Mounts measure approximately 19-21" in length from the top of the head to the bottom of the jaw, with a width of about 10.5" at the eye sockets and a depth of about 8-9". These measurements can vary. 
  • Horn spread from tip to tip is about 20-26: depending on the curvature of the horns.  These measurements can vary. 
  • Some skulls may have a bullet hole or two. 
  • Genuine Skulls may have natural imperfections or discoloration, missing, worn, or cracked teeth.
  • Skulls are boiled and treated to produce a clean finish without degrading the bone.
  • Please comment in the notes if you are looking for a more specific size. 
  • Ships out in about 4-5 business days. Lead times may vary depending on needs and stock. 
  • Skulls and taxidermy mounts do not qualify for free shipping due to special packing, handling and shipping. 
  • No sales tax. 
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