Black Glass Mosaic Steer Skull

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Discover the charm of our captivating Cow Skull - Black Mirror // Mosaic Finish. Combining the beauty of natural skulls with the glamor of black mosaic, this remarkable home decor piece will take your breath away. It's an unparalleled luxury.

Irregular shards of black glass are carefully placed upon the skull, resulting in an ethereal and mesmerizing play of light and reflection. This spectacular skull is crafted with passion and care by experienced Balinese artists, using techniques that have taken years to perfect. The stunning result is an artwork that enlivens its setting and shows the beauty of uncertainty, promising to impress for many years.

Our authentic skulls are a byproduct of local Balinese agricultural industries. These would-be waste products are turned into stunning works or art, a process that pays respect to the life of a beautiful creature!

These one-of-a-kind artworks will enliven any home, office or lodge, adding a distinguished element of uniqueness! Not available from traditional retailers, you can trust these exquisite pieces to be an undying treasure in your space!

Black Glass Mosaic Steer Skull:

  • Height including horns: Approximately 20" - 22".
  • Height (without horns): 14.5″-16″ / 37-41 cm
  • Skull width without horns (horns vary) approximately 7".
  • Depth: Approximately 5".
  • Premium Mosaic finish.
  • Only ethically sourced skulls are used.
  • Easily mount to a wall with included wire hanger. Additional mounting and lighting options are available. 
  • Made to order: Hand-crafted in Indonesia by Skull Bliss' artisans. Please allow 4-5 weeks for your order to ship.
  • Shipment info: Each skull comes with real, beautiful horns, which are shipped detached to prevent any damage. 
  • This item does not qualify for free shipping. 
  • No sales tax. 
  • Payment options are available. 

**As all skulls are a natural, organic product, no two skulls or horns are alike. Each skull will vary some in size and shape. This is an individuality to celebrate as it makes them a true stand-alone work of art.

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