Black Stalker Carved Longhorn Mount


Add a minimalistic yet dramatic piece to your home with our Black Stalker Carved Longhorn Mount. The mysterious aura of this Longhorns set is contained within these horns, and the genuine black leather mount makes it an elevated piece of decor for any space. 

These longhorns are truly something special, and must be seen to be fully appreciated. Each of these impressive mounts are exclusive to themselves meaning you won't find anything exactly like them anywhere else. Bring a touch of stunning western beauty to your home with our natural Longhorn wall mount designs. You'll easily make a statement with these longhorns in any space! 

Black Stalker Carved Longhorn Mount:

  • Overall length: 71″ - 82.5″.
  • Center leather length (without horns) 23.5".
  • Premium wood with genuine leather upholstery and carved leather straps. 
  • Only ethically sourced horns are used. 
  • Hand-crafted and carved by highly-skilled Balinese artisans for Skull Bliss.
  • Each mount comes with authentic, beautiful horns, which are shipped detached to prevent any damage. Additionally, every mount has wire attached to the back for wall mounting.
  • Made to order in Indonesia.
  • Due to customs and delicate packaging/handling, Longhorn sets do not qualify for free shipping.
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for your order to ship. 
  • Payment options are available. 

 **No two Longhorn Wall Mounts are exactly the same - revel in the beauty and unique craftsmanship of each individual piece! Variations in size, shape, and color make every wall mount a one-of-a-kind work of art - beyond what you could expect from any ordinary wall decor!