Burnt Orange Dyed Cowhide Rug


Bring unique elegance into a space with a Brazilian Burnt Orange Dyed Cowhide Rug.

Hand picked premium Brazilian long hair-on cowhide is 100% leather hide.  Our gorgeous cowhide rugs are hypoallergenic and feature uniqueness, allowing you to effortlessly introduce these striking features into you space.

Use this cowhide décor as a floor accent, rug, table piece or wall hanging. Decorating with cowhide rugs will offer elegance to your rooms all while being natural, easy to care for and unique as no two hides are exact in color, shape or pattern.

Check out our Cowhide Decor for great ideas on decorating with cowhide.  Also, take a look at our Facebook Photos for more inspirational ideas on decorating any room.  Don't forget to follow our page while you're there!

Burnt Orange Dyed Cowhide Rug Detail:

  • Light vacuuming only. Warm water and mild soap to spot clean. Allow your hide to dry naturally. No cleaners or chemicals should to be used.
  • Use a lint roller or lint brush to quickly and easily clean up dust and pet hair.  Swiffers also work well.
  • Cowhide rugs are naturally stain resistant and very durable.
  • The soft natural suede leather reverse is safe for all surfaces.
  • The rug shown is the rug you will receive. 
  • This hide is available in 3 sizes. Measurements are approximate. L: 6'x7.5'; XL 6.5'x7.5' and XXL 6.75'x7.5'.
  • 100% premium Brazilian cowhide.
  • Ships next business day.
  • No sales tax. 
  • Payment options are available.