Care Lotion for Saddle Leather


The Keralux® Lotion deeply moisturizes and regenerates the leather, restoring wax and oil emulsions to protect it. Use after an intensive clean for maximum effectiveness!

Tip: The wax and / or oil finish on top of ‘Saddle’ leather (Keralux® set S) is the only protection that this type of leather has. It is important to maintain the right amount of wax that’s protecting this leather. Use the Keralux® lotion S twice a year to keep your furniture in excellent condition.

Care Lotion for Saddle Leather:

  • 7 fluid oz. 
  • Put some lotion in a clean cloth, then spread thinly and evenly over the leather. Work neatly from seam to seam and always treat a compete section.

  • Recommended use, twice yearly. 

  • Not suitable for: Raw leather (nubuck, velvet), artificial leather, vegetable tanned leather and leather tanned with olive leaf extract.
  • Ships out in about 1 week from Oregon. 
  • No sales tax.