Copper Skillets


Copper Skillet:

Simple, modern, classic, beautiful and above all, very functional. We have blended the best of traditional high-quality cookware improved with our patented modern reworking of the handle. Heavy gauge copper pans give you the performance and presentation prized throughout time.  Our new line of cookware carries on the tradition of superior quality and unique style that has set our goods apart for over 20 years.   

Our handles put these pans in a class all their own: heat resistant, ergonomic and light weight to give you more control and comfort.  The handles also function as spoon and lid rests.  

  • 8 and 10 inch diameter pans available
  • Heavy gauge (2mm) solid copper pan
  • Hot tinned interior, the traditional and natural non-stick surface
  • Patented handles reduce weight, stay cooler, ergonomic grasp
  • Stainless steel countersunk rivets sit flush to the interior of the pan
  • Lids from our Stock pots and Saute pan will fit
  • Available in our high Polished Finish, or the Peacock Patina (no polish finish)  

Hello, I'm Jonathan Beall, with Sertodo Copper. Welcome to my kitchen! Got all my copper cookware around...

I want to tell you a little bit about our skillets.

We make an eight inch skillet and we make 10 inch skillet.

We make those skillets with a Polish or Patina finish.

We have a pour edge. You can see the edge curves over slightly, and that makes for a nice, no-drip pouring.

We make all this stuff out of a hundred percent recycled copper!

The hammering that you see... I've heard French chefs really prized their old hammered cookware. Something about the minute surface variations that allows the food to oxygenate and bring out more out more flavor.

Cooking with this stuff, you're going to bring out lots of flavor because they're so fun to cook with!

They're so beautiful.

They feel nice, It's a pleasure to cook with amazing things.

You can see just the quality of the hammer work.

We're using a nice big hammer! And what that does is, it works to harden the material. It compresses the crystalline structure of the copper to make for a more rigid, durable material.

The surface is much more where friendly. It hides all the imperfections, scratches and things, and naturally happened with things that you love and use well.