Crown of the Continent Blanket

SKU: PWM71362

Experience the timeless beauty and history of Glacier National Park with our exclusive Pendleton wool blanket. Originally created to commemorate the park's 100th anniversary, this special edition boasts the iconic stripes of our original blanket, along with traditional park patterns and a scenic backdrop of the rugged Rocky Mountains. Join us on a journey through the past and present with this unique and meaningful addition to your home.

This special edition of Crown of the Continent Blanket is proudly woven in Pendleton, Oregon, just like our first Glacier Park Blanket. The reversible design features a striking white on black color scheme, with a corner patch that pays homage to a vintage 1920s Glacier Park window decal.

Crown of the Continent Pendleton Blanket:

  • Blanket measures 64" x 80".
  • Napped; whipstitched binding. 
  • Pure virgin wool/cotton.
  • Dry clean.
  • Woven in Pendleton Woolen Mills. 
  • In stock ships in 2-3 business days. Out of stock ships in approximately one week.
  • Payment options are available. 

The National Park Foundation receives a royalty from the purchase of each National Park Blanket. Pendleton and their partners have donated more than $900,000 so far to support critical restoration projects in our nations National Parks.