Deer Skull Throw Pillow

SKU: YWD02658

Celebrating the close relationship between Native Americans and deer, is our Deer Skull Throw Pillow. Deer skulls and antlers were often used in ceremonies by tribal shamans. For both spiritual and practical reasons, nearly every part of a deer was used. Deer meat provided nourishment and the hides to make clothing, moccasins, pouches and sinew for rope or twine. Antlers and bones were used to make knife handles and spoons, buttons, and fine sewing needles

This is the ultimate pillow to enhance your Southwestern / western decor!

Pillow cover is made with a broad weave linen duck cloth. It features stunning 3 inch deer suede fringe and includes a polyester form.

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Deer Skull Throw Pillow Details:

  • Pillow measures: 16"x16".
  • Constructed broad weave linen duct cloth.
  • Includes 100% Polyester covered pillow insert. 
  • Inserts are not removable. 
  • Cleaning - Oil or grease spot - put cornstarch or baby powder for several hours then brush off.  Dirty spot - can use a mild soap/water on a cloth similar to the pillow color.
  • Designed and hand crafted in the USA. 
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for your finished pillow(s) to ship. 
  • Ships direct from the manufacturer upon completion. 
  • No sales tax.
  • Payment options are available. 

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