Dyed Red Cowhide Rug


So I've been saying for awhile now that a cow skin rug doesn't only belong in a western style home.

Although western and rustic are two of the main types of decor you'd think to incorporate a cow skin rug into, that isn't necessarily where they all belong.

Take this gorgeous dyed red cowhide rug and think again about throwing it down in your cowboys room....we know that wouldn't go over well. But, what about the chic office you run, or your daughter's bedroom who loves brightness and color? 

Too much red can be overwhelming in a small space so laying down this red cowhide area rug will be the perfect focal point and will cause your other red accents to pop. Such as shown in the image below. Your eye naturally is drawn to the red rug but the other small accents are noticeable without even really looking at them. It really is a simple idea that will go over wonderfully in many spaces.

Try this idea with your favorite color and your friends will all believe you've become an overnight decorating specialist.

We offer several cowhide rugs and cowhide decor to add texture to any space.

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Red Cowhide Rug Details:

  • Light vacuum only. Warm water and soap to spot clean. Allow to dry naturally. No cleaners or chemicals should to be used.
  • To quickly and easily remove dust and pet hair use a lint roller or lint brush. They work great.
  • Cowhide is naturally stain resistant.
  • Slight scars or brands may be visible. This is considered natural.
  • Natural soft suede backing. Safe for any surface.
  • 100% natural hair-on cow hide.
  • Genuine high quality leather cowhide.
  • Ships in 2-3 business days.