Hammered Copper Stew Pan

SKU: K-DO-10

Copper Dutch Oven:

The latest addition to our cookware line, the copper Stew Pan, Dutch Oven, or Cocotte available in 7 and 12-quart sizes, will be the bastion of your kitchen.  For roasts in the oven, stews on the stovetop, or the Beef Bourguignon that requires both.  

Our patented handle system gives a very modern update to the best of traditional cookware to improve function -  ergonomic, heat dissipation, and accessory placement while cooking or when hanging.

Performance, beauty, tradition - if cookware were cars, copper would be your dependable and durable Ferrari.  From stovetop to tabletop to hanging on the rack, oohhs will be ahhed and tastebuds will salivate before the first bite with copper in the kitchen.  Amazing control, minimal preheating, uniform temperature throughout the surface, chefs prize much more than the beauty of copper.  These are the standards of excellence and elegance that keep copper cookware at the pinnacle for professionals, connoisseurs, and people who like shiny things.

  • 2 sizes: 12 x 6 inch ~ 12 quart filled capacity, and 10 x 5 inch ~ 7 quart capacity
  • Heavy-gauge 2mm copper from recycled sources
  • Traditional hot tinned interior, the traditional non-stick surface that is environmentally friendly
  • Patented Handle System reduces weight, dissipates heat, holds your spatula or lid while cooking.
  • countersunk stainless steel rivets sit flush to pan walls
  • Lids included