Handmade & Painted Thunderbird Hopi Pot

SKU: KH8137
This handmade & painted Thunderbird Hopi Pot showcases an intricate thunderbird design on both sides, paying homage to the powerful and revered supernatural creature that is highly cherished by Native American culture.

Created by master Hopi potter White Swann, who learned the art of making pottery early in life by watching and working with her mother Eunice Navasie.

The Hopi have always been outstanding weavers and artisans. They cultivated cotton to make cloth, which they traded with other Indian peoples as far south as Northern Mexico. The Hopi were experts at dyeing and embroidery. They have been refining the art of pottery-making for nearly a thousand years.

Handmade & Painted Thunderbird Hopi Pot:

  • Pot measures 4"H x 3.5" dia.
  • Native American hand-coiled pottery.
  • Crafted and accented with natural materials.
  • Created by potter White Swann.
  • Handmade in the USA. 
  • Payment options are available. 

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