Horse Head Paper Towel Holder

SKU: AC293H12

Host a derby party in style with our Horse Head Paper Towel Holder. This towel holder includes a decorative winner's laurel around the horse's head. The tall side fin makes it easy to tear off exactly the right number of sheets.

For additional charm, this equestrian-themed aluminum paper towel holder sports a botanical-inspired top finial. The sturdy base prevents toppling, and the single center rod makes exchanging a new roll for an old one simple.

Pair this Equestrian Towel Holder with additional equestrian themed pieces, that will be sure to tie your table setup together perfectly.

Horse Head Paper Towel Holder:

  • Size: 4.5"T x 7.75"W x 9"L.
  • Material: Aluminum.
  • Care: Hand cleaning with warm water and a soft cloth

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