Napa Copper Bottle Coasters / Candle Holders


Copper Bottle Coasters:

Marvel at our hand-hammered, pure copper coasters and holders! Versatile round and square shapes accommodate any bottle service, flower vase, or candle base - ideal for wine, spirits, and anything in between!

This hand hammered beauty casts a warm intimate light, protects the table surface from drips and adds an elegant detail to a gourmet dining experience or even the most casual backyard hang.

Reflecting a warm intimate light while protecting your surface from stains. Great for keys and vanities too.

Part of our Copper Kitchen & Barware Collection. 

  • Heavy gauge, pure copper from 100% recycled sources for a healthier environment.
  • Square measures 5 5/8"; round measures 5.5" diameter.
  • Unique style and superior quality, our equipment gives beautiful service that lasts for generations.
  • Copper is an inherently clean material with many natural properties that benefit our health.
  • Ships in 1-3 business days.
  • No sales tax.

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