Rodeo Sisters Blanket by Pendleton

SKU: PWM77065

The Rodeo Sisters Blanket showcases a vibrant work of art designed by the late artist Apolonia Susana Santos. Four women draped in blankets stand in line at sunset, each adorned with abalone and bells. Atop their heads are Western-style hats; on their feet they wear moccasins and tooled boots.

Looking for a versatile blanket? Look no further than the USA-made Rodeo Sisters Blanket by Pendleton. This robe (twin) size blanket can be used as a wall hanging or to add a cozy touch to your sofa. Plus, it reverses for a completely different look and style!

 Part of the Legendary Collection, this design honors stories and symbols of Native American cultures. Each year a new collector's blanket is added to the series.

Rodeo Sisters Blanket by Pendleton:

  • Comes with a Legendary Collection label.
  • Measures 64" x 80".
  • Napped; fabric is combed for a softer, thicker feel.
  • Felt bound.
  • Made of pure virgin Wool/Cotton.
  • Dry clean.
  • Made in the USA. 

Part of the Legendary Blanket Collection. 

Artist Susan Santos Info - Your Western Decor