Saddle Leather Oil PLUS

SKU: WL-4374

Our Saddle Leather Oil PLUS is a proven winner and superb saddle oil with added protection to help fight mold and mildew. This unique product was developed for the professional custom saddle maker, those who know leather best. Meeting the demands of the craftsman first and then offering this same product to everyone who loves fine leather.

#1 Saddle Oil with Added Protection has been used by professional saddle makers in Florida, Hawaii, Texas, Oregon and Washington for years with wonderful results.

It is easy to use. Just wash your leather with Bee Natural Leather-care's deep cleaning Saddle Soap and when the leather dries apply #1 Saddle Oil with Added Protection. Two coats are recommended to give life to the leather and assure long lasting protection.

The response to Saddle Leather Oil PLUS with Added Protection has been an overwhelming success. Put this problem solver to work for you today.

Since 1977, Bee Natural Leather-care has been making products that are safe for both you and your leather. This approach to product development brings you a line of products that is unsurpassed in quality, performance and value. Also works great with vinyl. 

Saddle Leather Oil PLUS:

  • Available in pint, quart and gallon sizes. 
  • Gives you superior results the natural way!
  • A superb saddle oil developed to meet the needs of professional saddle-makers, leather artists and craftspeople.
  • A high performing treatment that enhances the natural beauty of leather while ensuring years of dependable service.
  • Offers deep penetration without excessive darkening to give you superior color control.
  • Can be applied in successive coats without the worry of streaks, blotches or surface residue.
  • Allows the natural beauty of leather to shine through without attracting dust or dirt.
  • Made in Vancouver, WA. 
  • Ships out of Oregon within one week. 
  • No sales tax. 

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