Tamarind Aqua Nesting Accent Tables


Crafted from sturdy Tamarind wood, our Tamarind Aqua Nesting Accent Tables showcase striking geometric designs and captivating spalting with a luxurious aqua-blue finish.

Fun Fact: Spalting is any form of wood coloration caused by fungi. Although primarily found in dead trees, spalting can also occur in living trees under stress. Although spalting can cause weight loss and strength loss in the wood, the unique coloration and patterns of spalted wood are sought by woodworkers.

Elevate your space with a burst of color and rustic charm by adding our beautiful Tamarind Aqua Nesting Accent Tables. These stunning tables are the perfect addition to any room.

Tamarind Aqua Nesting Accent Tables:

  • Dimensions: Small - 16"x19"x16'; Large - 18"x22"x18".
  • Made of solid genuine Tamarind Wood. 
  • Estimated arrival is 6-8 weeks.
  • Furniture does not qualify for free shipping. 
  • Payment options are available. 

Discover the unique beauty of nature with every piece of our product, as no two are ever the same.

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