TePee Wool Area Rugs & Runners

SKU: SWL156-8451346

Our Mt. Zion Wool Area Rugs & Runners are beautifully handcrafted rugs that will be loved for generations. Woven in shades of brown, tan, burnt orange with accents in red and navy with TePee figures using colorfast dyes for enduring beauty.

This rug is meticulously hand-knotted with an average density of 80 knots per square inch. Carefully selected high-grade New Zealand wool and Swiss Chrome dyes that are resistant to fading, ensuring the rugs do not only add beauty to your space, but are also long-lasting. The wool is handspun, resulting in varying thicknesses that create a stunning variegated effect when dyed, adding depth and complexity to the overall color of the rug.

Designed exclusively for Pendleton.

TePee Wool Area Rugs:

  • Available in 10 sizes. 
  • Made of 100% New Zealand wool. 
  • This rug is hand-tufted for a plush, low-pile surface.
  • Because this exquisite rug is handmade, slight irregularities occur naturally and add to the character of the weave.
  • Colors may not be 100% accurate due to computer monitors.
  • Clean professionally. 
  • Imported from India and ships directly from the North Carolina DC.
  • Ships out in approximately 2 weeks.
  • This rug does not qualify for free shipping. 
  • Sorry we are unable to ship to Alaska or Hawaii. 
  • Payment options are available.