Toro Canvas Art


Capture the fiery and intense stare of the aggressive breed with our Toro Canvas Art by artist Rolando Segura.

The Toro Canvas Art features a diverse and uniquely bred Spanish cattle that freely roams the extensive estates of Spain, Portugal, France, and Latin American countries known for their organized bull fighting.

Toro Canvas Art:

  • Framed Print on Canvas By Rolando Segura.
  • Dimensions with frame: 57"H x 43"W.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Ships out in 2-4 weeks. 
  • Because of the delicate nature of art and special handling, free shipping is not available. 
  • Payment options are available. 

About the Artist: Rolando Segura is a painter living and working in Dallas. Rolando was born in Havana, Cuba on 1971. He received a Bachelor degree in Painting from Havana National School of Art in 1990. Subsequent to that, he attended the Post-Graduate program in painting at the Institute Superior of Art in Havana, Cuba. Segura's art has been showcased in many galleries across Cuba, Spain, and South America. He later relocated to Rochester, NY in 1999, where he participated in several group exhibitions at The Rochester University, Rochester Contemporary, Link Gallery, Hall walls Center in Buffalo, NY, and regional art fairs. While his paintings now reflect the rustic colors of Texas, his underlying message remains consistent - showcasing the traditional customs of the places in which he has resided.

In Cuba, the farmers (guajiros) are transforming into the Cowboys and Native Americans of the western frontier. Both locations boast people who live off the land and carry on the values and customs of their ancestors. The paintings capture a romanticized essence of a man deeply in love with his homeland. They are created with a blend of acrylic and oil paints on canvas, using a special technique to achieve a textured appearance. Since 2010, Segura has been residing in the Dallas area and sharing his talents as an art instructor.