Brazilian yellow dyed cowhide rug. Your Western Decor
Yellow dyed Brazilian cowhide rugs. Free shipping. Your Western Decor
Dyed yellow cowhide rug decor. Your Western Decor

Yellow Cowhide Rug


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Dyed Cowhide Rugs have become so popular over the last handful of years because they are so versatile.

Cowhide and Cow Skin rugs and decor have always been popular but mostly among the rustic and western enthusiast type. Now a days we see hides and skins used in just about every type of decorating style. From modern to rustic, contemporary to western and they are found on floors of chic boutiques, bars and restaurants around the world. This is because interior designers and those with a knack for visualizing the unseen knew that blending cowhide with all types of decor would work, work well, and it did!

Then from that came our Dyed Cowhide Rugs and Skins for even a wider variety of decor possibilities.

Using dyed hair on hide rugs bring you whatever color you want to incorporate (which can be done with any rug) but also keeps the rustic element that it started with. Plus, they are simple to clean and take care of.

Cowhide rugs will not unravel or get wound up in your vacuum cleaner.

Another great thing is that cowhide is dust resistant and hypoallergenic! It doesn't trap dust and dander like standard material rugs and also is not made with any chemicals that are known to be in manufactured rugs and carpet.

Simply dust your cowhide rug with a damp cloth and be done.

Details of our Yellow Cowhide Rug:

  • Very light vacuum only. Warm water and soap to spot clean. Allow to dry naturally. No cleaners or chemicals should to be used.
  • Use a lint brush or lint roller for quick and easy cleaning of dust and pet hair.
  • Cowhide is naturally stain and fire resistant.
  • Slight scars or brands may be visible and this is considered natural.
  • Natural soft suede backing is safe for any surface.
  • Average size of our dyed rugs are 7' x 6'.
  • These rugs are shown as illustration only. Your rug will be very similar in pattern, color, shape and size.
  • 100% natural hair-on cow hide.
  • Genuine high-quality leather cowhide.

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